Assessment Center - is one of the methods used during employment process. Its up-to-dateness and versatility determine its use mainly during selection and verification of managerial personnel. It can be applied during external employment process as well as internal- when a company searches for “pearls” that can be promoted to administrative positions among its own staff. Candidate’s abilities to fulfill certain duties in organization are verified through different activities: interviews, tests, team games, real trainings and simulations.

Appliance of “Assessment Center” method enables testing and evaluation of candidates from the point of view of their expertise, interpersonal skills, and also their chances and abilities to further develop. Cooperating with practicing experts from various areas, we shall prepare the individual program perfectly matching your specific needs. The program will be fundamental in promotion of one of your employees or a candidate picked by us. As there are no perfect ready-made assessment tools we shall prepare an individual program matching your needs through deep analysis of the situation in the company, getting actively involved in the assessment process.