As a general rule the “pearl – fishing” runs on for 4-6 weeks with the object of putting in a shortlist of 3-5 candidates for a certain position. An example of the recruitment process lay-out can be introduced as follows:

1 week: agreement execution, meeting with the immediate superior of the required person, preparation of the job description, definition of key requests to candidates’ competence, formulation of the list of companies in which direct search will be made, putting advertisements on Internet portals, first resumes assembling;

2-3 week: direct search in the market, wide network activity, interviewing and verification of candidates, running discussion and joint check with the client of first nominees’ profiles;

4 week: further meetings with the selected candidates, their comparative characteristic and selection of the best “pearls” whose competence and personal data meet the client’s needs, preparation of the report with the offer of 3-5 matching candidates;

5 week: organization of meetings of engaged candidates with the future employer, joint discussion and assistance in selection, detailed verification of the selected person’s references, performance of tests;

6 week: assistance in drawing up of the offer to the selected candidate, preparation of due documents for signing the agreement for intention of cooperation between the candidate and the employer.

After acceptance of a candidate we keep in touch with the employee as well as the client to find out about satisfaction of both parties from the cooperation.