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The employer is an international company with production facilities and sales branches across Europe with HQ in Germany for whom we are seeking an experienced candidate to join the international team of Sales Managers.

Sales Manager (Spain)

Scope of Responsibilities:

• Sales Strategy Development:
Develop and implement effective sales strategies to increase the company’s market share in Spain.
Analyze market trends, competition, and identify new business opportunities.
• Sales Team Management:
Recruit, train, and manage the sales team.
Motivate and monitor the team’s performance, ensuring the achievement of set sales goals.
• Building Customer Relationships:
Actively acquire new customers and maintain long-term relationships with existing customers.
Collaborate closely with end customers and distributors to understand their needs and expectations.
• Negotiation Skills:
Conduct negotiations with direct customers and distributors.
Prepare sales contracts, monitor contract conditions, and payment terms.
• Performance Analysis and Reporting:
Monitor sales performance indicators, prepare reports and analyses.
Regularly present progress reports to the management on sales achievements and forecasts.
• Marketing Support:
Collaborate with the marketing department in planning and implementing marketing activities in the Spanish market.
Provide feedback from the market regarding customer needs and consumer trends.
• Distributor Management:
Develop and maintain relationships with existing distributors, seek new trading partners.
Monitor and support distributors in achieving sales goals.
• Reporting to Management:
Regularly report on progress, action plans, and challenges related to the Spanish market.
• Competitor Monitoring and Analysis:
Track competitors’ activities, analyze their market strategy.
Draw conclusions and adjust the company’s strategy based on gathered information.
• Budget Management:
Responsible for efficiently managing the sales department budget in Spain.
Ensure optimal use of financial resources for sales purposes.
A Sales Manager responsible for the Spanish market should be a dynamic leader with excellent interpersonal skills, capable of strategic thinking, and making quick decisions in a dynamic market environment.

Requirements for the Candidate:
• Experience:
Proven experience in a similar role as a Sales Manager, preferably in the international manufacturing sector.
Demonstrated success in developing and implementing effective sales strategies.
• Leadership Skills:
Strong leadership abilities with a track record of successfully managing and motivating sales teams.
Ability to inspire and guide the team towards achieving and surpassing sales targets.
• Market Knowledge:
In-depth understanding of the Spanish market, including market trends, customer behaviors, and competitor activities.
Ability to use market insights to develop targeted sales approaches.
• Negotiation and Communication:
Excellent negotiation skills with a proven ability to successfully close deals with both direct customers and distributors.
Strong communication skills to liaise effectively with internal teams, clients, and partners.
• Analytical Skills:
Proficient in analyzing sales performance data, identifying trends, and making data-driven decisions.
Ability to prepare comprehensive reports and provide insightful recommendations.
• Strategic Thinking:
Strategic mindset with the ability to develop and implement long-term sales plans aligned with overall company objectives.
Proactive in adapting strategies based on market changes and competitor activities.
Candidates should possess a combination of hands-on experience, leadership acumen, market knowledge, negotiation prowess, analytical capabilities, and strategic thinking to excel in the role of Sales Manager for the Spanish market.

Benefits for the Candidate:
• Career Growth Opportunities:
Access to a dynamic and challenging role with ample opportunities for professional growth and career advancement within an international manufacturing company.
• Attractive Compensation Package:
Competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package, including performance-based bonuses and other incentives tied to achieving sales targets.
• International Exposure:
Exposure to an international business environment with the chance to collaborate with diverse teams, providing valuable insights into global market dynamics and trends.
• Professional Development Programs:
Access to ongoing training and development programs to enhance leadership skills, market knowledge, and other competencies crucial for success in the role.
• Influence on Business Strategy:
The opportunity to play a key role in shaping and influencing the company’s sales strategy for the Spanish market, contributing directly to its success and market positioning.

If you fulfil requirements listed above, send your CV to:


In your email please fill in the gaps in the sentences below:
1. I have ……… years of professional experience in cooperation with B2B/ FMCG sector, FMCG clients like: ………………………………… (examples of clients).
2. I am applying for this position because ………………… (motivation to change).
3. My annual salary expectations are between …………… and…………… EURO net, but not less than …………… EURO net monthly.
4. My Spanish language is …………… and English is …………… (1-native/ fluent, 2-good, 3-communicative, 4-do not know).
5. I am available to start a new job from: …… (month) 2024.

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